In a world full of sheep,
everyone notices the Goat

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How to sell on the web

Make a stunning website.

Looks and recognition, feel, routing. Just perfect!

Put it on a great hosting server

Fast, safe, reliable. Located close to your customers. Comes with great support.

Make sure it’s on Google’s FIRST page.

The only page that matters. Your competitors will surely be there.

Show what your customers are looking for.

Sure, you can lure them in with tricks but if they don’t find what they need, they will leave within 10 seconds.
And take a piece of your web-reputation with them.

Talk in solutions.

They don’t want to know about you and your business. Not really.
They need something for themselves, some problem solved, something attended to.
And you are the one that does just that!.

Don’t make a sale, do a service.

Your goods, services or idea’s solves their need. 
Not just once, A happy customer comes back.)

Provide Customer Care.

Get a reliable email service so all their questions arrive in your inbox.
Work together with others even if you are not in the same location.
Maybe you want chat support or even support software to keep track of requests.


Do you feel unheard?